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Get help

For general help and configuration questions, discussions about integrations or complex setups, or anything else related to Pomerium, head to our Discuss forum, where you can search for open threads or start a new one.

Report bugs

Like every software, Pomerium has its flaws. If you find one, search the issues to see if it has already been reported. If not, open a new issue and describe the bug, and somebody will look into it!

Please follow the issue template so we have all the needed information. We need to be able to repeat the bug using your instructions. Please simplify the issue as much as possible. The more detailed and specific you are, the faster we will be able to help you!

We suggest reading How to Report Bugs Effectively.

Suggest features

First, search to see if your feature has already been requested on GitHub or Discuss. If it has, you can add a 👍 reaction to vote for it. If your feature idea is new, open an issue to request the feature. You don't have to follow the bug template for feature requests. Please describe your idea thoroughly so that we know how to implement it! Really vague requests may not be helpful or actionable and without clarification will have to be closed.

While we really do value your requests and implement many of them, not all features are a good fit for Pomerium. If a feature is not in the best interest of the Pomerium project or its users in general, we may politely decline to implement it.